Frequently Asked Questions

General Program Questions

CareASSIST is a support program by Sanofi Genzyme designed to provide 3 main types of patient support:

Yes. Applications must be signed and completed by you and your healthcare provider to receive support or services through CareASSIST. Applications must be submitted by your healthcare provider. For general questions about CareASSIST, you may call 1-833-WE+CARE (1-833-930-2273).

You and your healthcare provider must fill out and sign certain parts of the application. Applications must be submitted by your healthcare provider. To start the application, or to learn more, call 1-833-WE+CARE (1-833-930-2273) or download an application.

CareASSIST offers access and reimbursement support in several ways. You can learn more about it on the CareASSIST Access and Reimbursement page.

CareASSIST can provide information about several types of support services to help patients during treatment. You can learn more on the CareASSIST Resource Support page.

CareASSIST Patient Assistance Program Questions

Download and print an application from our website, or if you do not have access to a computer, you may begin the application process by calling CareASSIST, toll free, at 1-833-WE+CARE (1-833-930-2273). Your healthcare provider must also fill out and sign your application. Once completed, your healthcare provider should submit the application by mail or fax (1-855-411-9689).

Yes. In order to be eligible, a patient must be a resident of the US or its territories or possessions and be under the care of a licensed healthcare provider authorized to prescribe, dispense, and administer medicine in the US.

Medications are shipped directly to your healthcare provider's office.

Every patient receives a letter informing them of the status of their application. A copy of that letter is also sent to the patient's healthcare provider.

Approved patients may remain enrolled for up to 12 months. If longer assistance is required, patients can reapply on a yearly basis. Patients with Medicare Part B with no supplemental insurance coverage who qualify for the CareASSIST Patient Assistance Program will need to reapply at the beginning of each calendar year. This means all patients will need to reapply in January, no matter when they first enrolled.

Complete applications are usually processed within 2 business days.

Yes, you will need to consent to a soft credit check or provide an acceptable form of proof of income. CareASSIST may use your date of birth and/or additional demographic information to access your credit information to estimate your income. As a soft credit inquiry, this will not impact your credit score in any way. If for any reason CareASSIST is unable to make a determination based on this information, you will be asked to provide additional financial documentation at that time.

Your eligibility will be updated once we are notified of your need for another medication. You can simply contact CareASSIST to begin that process. Your physician’s portion of the application or a prescription for that medication may be necessary.

CareASSIST does not charge fees to apply.